Beat The Binge 5-Day Program 

If knowledge is power, integration is everything



This might be you…

You’re sick and tired of yo-yo dieting and living your days from one binge to another.

You find yourself obsessing over food.

You don’t seem to be permanently losing weight regardless of all the sacrifices you make.

You’ve come to the right place!



I want to help raise awareness.

It wasn’t until I recognised that my binge eating was a disorder after yo-yo dieting for 30 years, that I was able to recover from it. The steps I took after that discovery were so successful that I wrote a book – BodyMAGIC! which has become a number one best-seller in 4 categories, two of which are eating-disorder related.

If you want to travel somewhere, it’s OK knowing where the destination is on a map. But you also need to know where you are so that you can find the best route.

On social media, we post a load of information about Binge Eating, which although only recognised as an eating disorder a few years ago, has fast become the most common of eating-related mental health issues.  

It poses an enormous stress on the body and is a serious threat to health, not to mention the misery it causes your life.


Taking Action

Information is one thing, what you do with that information is the most important. You have to use the information you have learned and apply it to your own life.

If knowledge is power, then integration is everything.

We can read all the books in all the world. But if we don’t put any of it into practice, nothing changes.


Beat the Binge in 5 Days is a short but engaging program to help you to do this. 

I’ll prove how ditching diets is the way to finding freedom and friendship with food. However, you can do the program whenever you like and whatever pace you choose. It will require about an hour per day so make sure you can allow yourself the time.

You may choose to work through the program weekly or even monthly and repeat the lessons several times.




Beat-the-Binge in 5 Days

As emotional or binge eaters, we are so used to thinking that a diet is the only answer to overeating.

This is understandable.

We have been educated to believe that if we eat less and move more, we’ll shift the excesses of the past, just like magic.

But there is no magic here because the reason why you repeatedly overeat goes much deeper.

In this 5-day journey, we go there AND back.

You will have a unique opportunity to look at your own relationship with food. 

It may be the first time you’ve worked on yourself in this way.

Some days may seem a little strange or ‘out there’. But it is definitely not ‘out there’ but way inside!

It’s a little journey to the most perfect aspect of yourself – your soul.

The Journey

 Day 1 – Why Diets Don’t Work and why they didn’t work for you.

What void needs filling in your life?

What are you really hungry for?


Day 2 – What is BodyMAGIC!?

Where to find it.

Why it’s so different from restrictive eating.

The Relaxation Response.


Day 3 – The Holistic Approach and how to take it.

Beauty really is more than skin deep.

When you’re in three minds.


Day 4 –  Where to Find Your Inner God/dess

What soul-destroying actions you can STOP right now.

How to connect with your spirit.


Day 5 – How you can channel your energy

Get results that last forever.

Fitting your own mask first.

Each day you receive an email with:

1. An Audio – downloadable mp.3 recording covering the topic for the day

2. An Actualization to bring the theory to life by setting the scene needed to act

3. An Affirmation to shift and align your mindset for positive growth, change and the way you look after yourself.

A recent comment from a follower on social media who has just joined the BodyMAGIC! journey…
I just finished the first video – wow! My entire face is smiling, my entire body is smiling. Thank you SO MUCH for your support!  Watching this video convinced me, this is where I will learn the next important lesson. And you are to be my teacher.  Thank you Chinmayi. Your energy is soothing & inspiring!!! Tina



Your Investment?


Just $147

But with just this small investment, and if you do the work, you will get results. 

You will make time for this and I think you are likely to enjoy it

It could be worth millions to you if it changes your relationship with food!

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Ready for the Read?


Chinmayi’s book contains all of the information you could ever need about Emotional and Binge Eating Disorder, backed up by cited research and scientific study.

There are various exercises to help you to integrate the information and practices to make real transformation happen, with links to videos and recordings to support your practice.

The book is available on Kindle or paper.

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