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On reflection, this has been a pretty busy year for me.   

Busy getting nowhere mostly!

This has not been my most productive year, I have to say.

I seem to have had lots of production tasks planned like writing the three or more books I still have in my head, finishing my online courses, maintaining regular blogs and emails, filming more videos, hosting more talks and interviews and more networking.

The problem is, I rarely get to do all this creative stuff. I’ve allowed myself to get tied up with my websites, my social media strategy, and various technical issues.

And all those social media distractions! 


I call myself busy 

I’ve had lots more self-development lined-up too. I’m really good at that. I have an inbox full of webinars to watch, blogs to read and courses to study. It’s relentless. I have enough study material for the next decade I reckon!  

Now, I could say that the problem is TIME  

But we can’t find more time, make more time or even buy more time. You can read about the concept of time in another post

– I Just Don’t Have Time

to-do list

The problem is FOCUS 

What I realize is a desperate need for someone to steer me in the right direction again and to be accountable to.  

So I’ve set one resolution, promise or intention for 2018.  

Big drum roll………  

It’s to have a COACH. Permanently. 

Life Coach


The interesting thing is that I haven’t had a coach for most of 2017. And it’s revealing itself in every part of my life. 

If you want to see real progress, its not the tools that make it happen, its your consistent action using them and your state of emotional being.  

For that, you need a coach” 

– Chinmayi Dore 


In 2018, I’m spending no more money on courses, technology, books and programs.

I have plenty.

They’re no good at all if I never open them. And even worse if I don’t follow them up with ACTION  

I’m investing in a coach to keep me on track, remind me of my promises when I get distracted and to cheer me on.

To remind me what busy really means and what really matters.

I have everything I need make my book a success. I have the technology, the skills and I know the way.  

What I don’t have every day is the will  

I need a cheerleader for this = a coach. 

Its a bit like BodyMAGIC! really.  

Your journey to overcoming emotional eating is a deep and integrated one.

Sometimes and on some days, you just don’t feel it.

Maybe there’s something tough going on in your personal or professional life.

Perhaps you’re just bored with it all, not seeing the results you expected or doubting that you can.

Or you catch yourself saying “I’m too busy for all this”. 

It doesn’t matter how many meditations you have on your phone, how many self-help books you have on your shelf or even how much yoga you practice, you need a real caring, focused person to drive you on. To literally change and focus your mind and to refuel your energy stores.  

For that, you deserve the best support you can get.


Let me help you! 

This is called LifeMAGIC! Online. 


Because it’s for everyone who needs support, not just those who emotionally overeat.  

But also because it changes lives!

When you do find your BodyMAGIC!, your whole life shifts to a new program. 

Check this LINK and find out more about the difference a coach can make to your life. 

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A Coach in Time Saves £££££s 

I’m holding my prices only until all of my spaces are filled or until 31st December, whichever happens first. You’ll find the packages that I offer amazing value. I always over-deliver. 

Don’t wait until New Year.

I can support you through your best, most empowered Christmas ever.

Busy is an excuse, not a reason to invest in yourself. 

Either way, you can still reserve a spot to start, whenever you like, before the 7th January.  

LifeMAGIC! Online