A Happy Ending To

Binge and

Emotional Eating

This life-changing book was instantly a best-seller in five different categories on Amazon.

In 2017, Chinmayi also won a Platinum Award from Janey Loves.

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What’s Inside

A definitive guide

based on Chinmayi’s success, knowledge and practices.

With insights backed by scientific research

This is BodyMAGIC!

The 7 Spells of BodyMAGIC!

How we journey from an IDEA to SUCCESS. Why we sometimes fail with simple steps you can take to realise your goals and true purpose

Know Yourself and Know Your Worth

Why these Keys to BodyMAGIC! are essential to any dream you wish to manifest

FREE! Classes

A FREE! Workbook, 2 Yoga Videos, a Yoga Nidra and Meditation and many other traditional, authentic and time-tested practices

Ditch the Diets

Why slimming diets and weight loss programmes, even excessive exercise will never work long-term for the emotional eater but what does!

Nature Calls

How reconnecting with nature with small habit changes can heal your emotions, you body and your soul and help you to live your best life every single day

Real Life Change

Exercises at the end of each chapter (you can also use a FREE workbook) for you to integrate what you’ve learned into your new life

About the Author

Chinmayi Dore was born in Northampton, UK. She left a 20 year banking career in 2007, at the age of 41, having suffered an emotional breakdown (and breakthrough). She committed herself to an intense period of learning and retraining in yoga and holistic therapies with a strong desire to helping others – physically, emotionally and spiritually.



Having studied and practised yoga, meditation, nutrition and shamanism for over a decade, she has identified the fundamental elements of love, connection with the self and with Mother Nature that is essential to living one’s best life. She shares this knowledge frankly and passionately with anyone who is open and ready to hear it. All of the solutions she teaches are based on natural, authentic and traditional methods which have stood the test of time.

Living Your Magical Life

Her lifelong challenges with weight loss/maintenance and her realization of the intense relationship between food and emotions have been the reason for her first book, BodyMAGIC! She has coached many sufferers to freedom from emotional overeating. Chinmayi has dedicated her life to guiding people away from the daily toil of weight loss diets and self-degradation to health, healing and lasting happiness.

Book Reviews

Learn to Love Food and Love Yourself

The answer to why you are an emotional eater is somewhere in these pages. BodyMagic will systematically help you to look within yourself,  boost your confidence and allow you to understand why you eat the way you do. Then you can learn to love food… And love yourself

Further Support

“A stunning and easy to follow book
Plus Chinmayi has been contactable and offered further support whilst I’ve been working through the book
I highly recommend this”.

Love and Compassion

“An insightful book with useful exercises to help gain a better understanding of emotional overeating and how to end the cycle. Written with love and compassion and a must read. Say no more to yo yo dieting and say yes to freedom from emotional overeating!”

An Authority on the Subject

“Body Magic is a fantastic book that dives deep into the philosophy and science of emotional overeating. The author, Chinmayi Dore, is obviously an authority on the subject and guides readers through the process of managing what you eat while developing relationship with yourself and the food you are consuming

Turning on its Head

“This is a journey I’m so grateful I started.
With the help of BodyMagic I have turned the way I look at food on its head.”

You Get Your Money's Worth

“There is a ton of information and wealth of tips and suggestions for getting your healthy eating habits in check.
Another great BONUS are the action steps and the workbook included with the course. You will definitely get your moneys worth here. Body Magic is the real deal that puts you in deep touch with your emotional eating “inner self”.

So Very Excited

“I think most of us struggle with emotional eating at some point in our lives so I’m very excited to read your book.”

Different Techniques to Try

“This book has a wide range of resources & different techniques to try.The earlier exercises are some work on why you might be overeating, with some work to do on yourself, which is an important component for me”

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