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 Where eating is  something you  do when you are hungry or at meal times

Where you can be totally immersed in your work and playwithout food

Where food planning and eating food isn’t always on your mind

Where you feel only love and respect for what you see in the mirror

Where you allow time every day for your health in mind, body and spirit 



Private Weekly Coaching – What’s Included!

BodyMAGIC! book FREE!

You don’t need to read my book from cover to cover (unless you want to!).

It will be used as a reference book for every coaching session. I’ll refer to the relevant page, chapter or paragraph in the book as we go through the monthly calls.

The book is jam-packed with so much information, research and exercises to help you really integrate BodyMAGIC! into your life.

I’ll send it to you as soon as you enrol in the program. And all you have to invest is $47!

Weekly Calls

This is a live call for 30 minutes that will take place every week.

It will be 15 minutes of teaching and training in one of the methods from the BodyMAGIC! program, 

followed by 15 mins of practice and Q&A. You can either submit your questions by email before the call or ask live on the call in the chat or vocally. 

All recorded for you so you can revisit it later and build up a library of BodyMAGIC! This is all for just $47 per month, cancel any time.


Private Emails

You will receive an email from me personally, before the call with details of what we’ll be discussing, a reminder of any questions you have and the link. 

You’ll receive a follow-up to the call with a link to the recording with the main highlights.

There will be a video link and an audio mp.3 so that you can download and watch or listen at your convenience.

All of this for just $47 per month. Get started today by clicking the link below. 

Find Your BodyMAGIC!

Set Your Goals

Take This Opportunity

Give To Yourself


Did you know that in the USA alone, a whopping $168 billion is spent in the diet industry and yet, only 5% of dieters manage to keep the weight off for more than 2 years? The odds are stacked so high against you!

 When we binge and eventually put weight back on, we believe that WE have failed. But diets are destined to fail because of their very nature and what restrictive eating does to our brain. Once you understand this you will understand why you can never really succeed counting, measuring and weighing. 

You really do deserve better than what a diet promises. There is another way. A way that not only allows you to stop feeling freaky around food but to have a peaceful friendship with it.

You have all of the tools within you to know when, how much and what to eat. What you probably haven’t considered is WHY you eat what you do.

The BodyMAGIC! Inner Circle and your monthly coaching call will give you the facts, techniques and support you need to break free from binge eating for good.


What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

No matter what your intentions are for yourself, your relationships or your contributions to the world, these things can take time, effort and often a lot of trial-and-error before you feel like you’re getting somewhere.

I avoided a coach for several years thinking I knew it all and if I didn’t, I’d find it out for myself.  Until I got a coach, I used the phrases like:

” headless chicken”,

” banging my head against a brick wall”

” I don’t know what to do first”

” I feel totally overwhelmed” 

I found that I was not great at making time for myself without guilt

I was easily distracted and procrastinated at every opportunity

I self-sabotaged my dreams and the things I knew would help me grow

I thought I knew what I wanted but actually I didn’t know why

I didn’t know how to express myself without fear of hurting someone

I didn’t know how to spend leisure time without thinking about my biz

You see personal growth always involves change on some level – a new way of thinking, prioritising, action-taking and assessing.

For that to happen easily, you need a hand. 

I’ve listened to your struggles with maintaining a healthy, healing and happy lifestyle and I’ve lovingly prepared an affordable program to help and support you, your life and your aspirations for optimum health, healing and happiness.


About Me

I spent 30 years of living my life totally revolving around eating. Food was my enemy and my comfort, moving from one to other sometimes within hours. I felt worthless when I binge-ate and then I binge-ate because I felt worthless. It was a continuous cycle of suffering.

I didn’t understand what I was really hungry for. I thought I had the perfect life.

All of the material things I’d been taught were so important – money, career, social life, hobbies, holidays and a beautiful home. But it wasn’t enough to stop me eating emotionally. The shame of being so miserable when I had such a great life forced me to keep my eating disorder a secret.

It drained the life out of me. So when my mother passed away from cancer in 2006, my whole being had a meltdown. I had no spirit left and much less did I care about maintaining that lifestyle I worked so hard to create.

This private group program is to give you the information and tools you need to heal your relationship with food and in doing so will change your life.

Your connection with food CAN be nurturing, friendly and fun. When you cease obsessing about food, you create so much more space for the rest of what this amazing life has to offer.

If this feel empowered just relating to my journey and inspired to make a change that will truly make a difference, take the next step.

You really have everything to thrive for!


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What The Inner Circle Says…


“Since working through ‘Body Magic’ I can honestly say that I now have a healthy relationship with food! I couldn’t have done it without Chinmayi. She helped me to cultivate a positive change in my emotional well-being and heal my past”



“Chinmayi is not just a coach, she has a genuine passion for helping people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. She deserves a nobel prize in my eyes! I can’t even describe how much this woman has helped me. I am eternally grateful to her. Thankyou Chinmayi for everything”

 “I have been able to see a significant difference in my thoughts and the decisions I am making for my health and well being. Her work is transformational! I am seeing so much freedom in loving myself more and becoming aware of my potential”

Why Diets Don't Work

DO you desperately wish there was an alternative?

Freedom from Numbers

What if you never had to count another calorie in your life?

Why Did I Do It?

 What if you could just stop yourself from bingeing before you started?

Addict or Habit?

Do you see food as an enemy and feel out of control? 

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