Eating Disorders Awareness Week

List of inspiring and informative articles published in social media.


Woman who “didn’t think she was thin enough to have a problem” on her 10 year battle with secret eating disorder

You don’t have to be thin to have an eating disorder. BED (Binge Eating Disorder) is now recognised alongside Anorexia and Bulimia. Seek help and find yourself a healthier life in your body, mind and soul and the happiness you truly deserve.


Weight Watchers targets teens with ‘deeply concerning’ free weight loss plans

Don’t kids have enough trouble with body confidence as it is? Dieting was the cause of my Binge Eating Disorder. Might start a petition. Who’s with me?


Say no to binge eating

Great, thorough article. The title is an interesting one since the saying no to food, known affectionately as dieting is what causes the binge eating rebound effect


How Diets Like Whole30 Can Lead to Eating Disorders

All diets can lead to eating disorders. Anything that restricts your food intake can be seen by your brain as a famine. So when you start eating again, your clever/not-so-clever brain  thinks it’s feast time, in preparation for the next famine.


A plus-size woman revealed the biggest misconception people have about bulimia

Diagnosis is everything. We judge eating disorders by size more than symptoms.

It’s what’s going on inside of you that counts. 

Knowing Yourself is one of The Keys to BodyMAGIC! The other is Knowing Your Worth. 

You are worth knowing whatever it takes to give you the health, healing, and happiness that is your birthright


“Comments such as, “You look great,” or “You don’t need to lose weight” can reinforce negative behaviours.”

I cover this in some depth in the BodyMAGIC! chapter “Support and Solitude” about the things people say and how you can assess whether people are going to support or slay your BodyMAGIC!


Eating disorders in elderly women — all you need to know

We love this article! It’s brief but so thorough.

It shows beyond doubt, that eating disorders are directly related to life stages and trauma. 

Binge eating is so common at any age. Now that it’s a recognised ED, the revealing numbers are staggering. 

Also discussed are the number of serious health issues pertaining to long-term dieting. It totally aligns with my book. 

Pay attention to the Practical ways at the foot of the article. I have some follow-up exercises that reinforce these steps beautifully!