The following is derived from Chinmayi’ Dore’s best-selling book, BodyMAGIC! – an End to Emotional Eating Forever, available on Amazon.

Your best life will always be the life where you are HAPPY, at least most of the time.

In your journey to BodyMAGIC!, there are seven stages to success.

The 7 Spells of BodyMAGIC!


  1. Idea which transforms into an Intention leads to
  2. Focus which transforms into Understanding leads to
  3. Confidence which transforms into Enthusiasm leads to
  4. Determination which transforms into Commitment leads to
  5. Discipline which transforms into Willpower leads to
  6. Self-Knowledge which transforms into Patience leads to
  7. Tenacity which transforms into Success leads to

Lasting, lifelong health, healing and happiness!


The first thing to consider here isn’t the Idea, it’s the happiness you will enjoy when you achieve some Success. That is the most powerful driving force you can imagine. You can go and eat pizza and it will make you happy. You can drink a bottle of wine with your best buddies and that will make you very happy! But you know that is not the kind of happiness I mean. Those moments might create great memories, but as we discussed, if they divert you, even temporarily, from your healthy Intention, then that memory will always come tainted with a sense of regret or failure.

The happiness I’m talking about here is the kind of happiness, peace, contentment and joy that comes from knowing what you want in the long term and knowing that you really do deserve it. Like putting a dish on the side of your house to get more channels on your TV, the 7 Spells of BodyMAGIC! will open up all the necessary channels for you to receive your deserved health, healing and happiness.

There will be no need to overeat. This doesn’t mean that you will never overeat again or that you will never enjoy foods that don’t particularly serve your health. But when you do, it will not be emotionally charged either before, during or afterwards.

In BodyMAGIC! you are guided through each one in turn. You will quickly realise that all of your goals, dreams and the vision that you hold for the future can be achieved with this journey.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

~ Theodore Roosevelt


I would like to share a summary of all of the practices we cover in BodyMAGIC! It’s a taster, an example and a short insight into the way to the happiness which overcomes emotional eating. But of course, the success is in the detail and the practice.

You can get your copy of BodyMAGIC! here and start today!

A recipe for BodyMAGIC! using Health, Healing and Happiness

(guilten-free, high-celebrate, low-fanciful, high-sweetness friendly)




Physical – what you can see and move; your BODY

what you have now, waiting for MAGIC!


  • A body you love and want to look after
  • A sacred space where you can practice free from draughts and distractions
  • A yoga mat and blanket
  • A cushion, stool or chair in your space for meditation
  • A pad, notebook/diary and/or journal and pens
  • Your altar – with incense, tea-lights, oracle cards, crystals etc.
  • A vision board
  • Up-to-date information and tips about food and nutrition




Emotional – what you feel, understand; your MIND

your thoughts and practices to make the MAGIC! work


  • The 7 Spells of BodyMAGIC!
  • Emotion Elevator
  • The Nine Reminders
  • Mindful Munching
  • The 10 Principal Understandings of BodyMAGIC!
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • The Enneagram
  • Affirmations or Mantras
  • Detoxification of candida overgrowth and/or parasites if necessary
  • Exercises in this book, review, repeat, renew!




Spiritual – what you can sense; your SPIRIT/SOUL

the MAGIC! ingredient


  • A desire to connect with Mother Nature
  • A daily ritual/practice
  • A belief in a spiritual guide – some force within you and around you that you can ask for spiritual guidance from – your Higher Self, a deity, angels, a prophet, God, Allah, Jesus, Shiva, Buddha, Rama, Jehovah, the Source, your Divinity, the Universe. The shamans say that this force is known by a thousand names but the essence of that name is the same – a power that is all-knowing, all-loving and offers guidance.


Eating itself is a practice of course, in BodyMAGIC! You can’t take your yoga mat, your meditation stool, or even this book out to dinner with you, but you can take your practice. And it is just that, a practice. What you believe to be perfect now is going to change. You will come to realise that you have always been perfect. Your body and mind have the capacity to quickly bring you back into perfect balance every time something knocks you down. It’s a miracle! This time, you are working with it, not swimming against the tide. Your practice will reveal to you the perfection that you have always held, in body mind and spirit. And you won’t need it confirmed by the scales.