So many of us have had to deal with unprecedented loss over the last twelve months. I just want to share something that is going on in my heart today.

This morning I watched a live stream of the funeral of a member of my family who took his own life in the week before Christmas. He was just 25.

From the wonderful eulogy that was read, it was clear that lockdown was responsible for tipping him over the edge with his mental health. He was unable to get the support and care that he needed after a long-term mental illness and I know he is not alone.

I struggled through the summer last year with generally feeling low, often anxious and paralyzed by worry and fear. I’d never experience loneliness before and it sucked frankly. If I hadn’t recovered from my binge eating disorder, I have no doubt that I would’ve spiraled into deep depression. On the whole, I’ve been there before.

What you’re feeling is normal

What you’re feeling right now is normal for a situation that is not. Just the feeling of matters being taken out of our hands – being disconnected from our families and friends, the loss of our social habits being removed, worries about our loved ones, possible loss of our jobs or businesses, how we are going to pay our bills – the list is endless.

This has been too much for even the strongest of us at times.

And none of it was forecasted. We weren’t prepared for this.

I just want to share something with you. It’s meant as the next best thing to a hug…

I was on a weekend workshop in Scotland a few years ago, learning about the Enneagram. We were able to realize and highlight our magical qualities and gifts to the world.
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have struggled with or how you feel about yourself…

You are a gift to the world
You are a gift in this group
and we can be a gift to you

There are lots of ways that BodyMAGIC! can help you.

Let’s do this together! There are lots of things happening this year to support you on all different levels.

Get in Touch

If you are struggling in anyway, either with the loss of a loved one, loss of connection or just feeling lost generally, please please please don’t even think twice about reaching out.

You can send a message or say something in our facebook group.
This is a private group and we are all struggling with similar things in relation to food.

2020/21 for many of us has our emotions magnified many times.

However, Just know that

you are loved
you are lovable
we appreciate you
you are a gift to the world

Thank you for being here 🙂


  Also look out for the Binge and Emotional Eating Podcast coming soon!

Also look out for the Binge and Emotional Eating Podcast coming soon!

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