Oh the Irony!

I got talking to a lovely woman on Messenger the other day who told me that she doesn’t like the meditation aspect of yoga because she can’t concentrate for long enough!  

This made me chuckle. It reminds me of the classic “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible enough”. It’s like a contradiction, right there!  

It’s a bit like saying, 

“I can’t eat because I’m too hungry” Or, 

“I can’t put my coat on because it’s too cold” 

You come to meditation BECAUSE you want to feel more peace, more joy, more happiness.

You come to yoga BECAUSE you want to be more flexible.  

If you have knee pain, back pain, shoulder issues or tight hips, you need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h those muscles. Regularly. Then you can be more flexible AND your aches and pains can magically heal and subside.  

No surprises that this lovely lady has sleep problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, worry and long-term grief. Meditation isnt easy. But it offers radical improvements to life, when we practice 


Yoga Changes Lives 

Of course the mindful movements and holding poses in a typical yoga class can also give, almost immediate relief from insomnia. It’s yoga’s effect on the nervous system that does this. However, for longer-term, faster results, we need to change our mind, literally. 

Meditation has changed my life. When my practice suffers, so does my life. Noticeably.  

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was more physically flexible. But to be honest, I know that if it was a priority for me, I could be.  

My practice is usually short and sweet. But it is almost every day. I focus on the poses that stretch my body, where it’s stiff. There’s still a protocol – Centering, Breathing, Warming, Standing, Seated, Relaxing. Yes and I can get that in fifteen minutes if I have to. It’s enough. 

On easier days, I get into a full practice and I realize that a little more time would help me to be more flexible. But that’s been my thought process my whole life… 


if I could justthen Id…” 


I dont need to apologize for the way things are. I, like most everyone, does what we can. But we dont have to be flexible or mindful to join a class. 

When to Start 

You don’t need to have a degree to study a degree. There’s a beginning to every journey. 

The same goes for feeling ‘not enough’ in other ways – not slim enough, co-ordinated enough, spiritual enough, having the right clothes, hippy enough, etc. 

You are enough to start. NOW! no matter what your age, knowledge, experience, size, shape, outfit, attitude or what you believe. 

When you come to a yoga or meditation class, youll soon realise that no-one is looking at you. They are learning how to go within,’ because this is where the MAGIC! happens.  

There is also something magical about practicing in a group. And I can guarantee that even the most experienced person in the class is learning something new.  

I am not flexible enoughSo if you’re holding back from a class, let that stuff go!  

The gift of yoga and all of its benefits are yours for the practising… 

Still not sure? – Try THIS at Home  

I have a FREE – 54-week yoga asana program. It gives you a five-or-so minute practice each week for one beginner pose per week. That’s a whole year of yoga poses for FREE!

Try it HERE! 

It’s not supposed to replace a class.  

But it might just give you a little confidence and push to roll up your mat and join a group in your community. I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms! 

– Namaste