Dreams Do Come True

dreamcatcher, dreams come true

In the last year or so, I’ve been attracted to experiment with some money manifesting work. It never really sat well with me before. Dreams were what happened when I sleep not during my waking hours!
Having been a material girl during my years in the corporate world and a party animal when I wasn’t busting a gut to earn my next bonus, I’ve kind of pushed away notions of wanting more money as ‘greedy, selfish and shallow’. Surely I have enough? Why do I need or want more?
I now realise that is just another judgement which I’m trying to avoid!
The truth is that my success as an author, teacher and healer has been limited by the value that I put on myself. The culture in which I live is centred around net worth and security rather than self-worth and faith.
I have deepened this further to include value.

Knowing my Worth

I realise that in my rebellious style, I have pushed against the grain of commercialism too hard and in the process, I’ve even sometimes limited my capacity to spread my messages and serve the world.
I’m finding a happy medium these days. Slowly, I’m learning a way to charge what I’m worth and give myself time, energy and treats.
This, I realise now, is fundamental to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with food.
About a year ago, I started writing out my goals, wishes and dreams. Since then I’ve refined my list, but its essence hasn’t changed that much.
During this year, I said something very clearly to the Universe – “I would love to ….” I didn’t think it would EVER happen.

Yesterday it manifested!!


Recent weeks have been extremely challenging, to say the least. There have even been times when I’ve wanted to give up just about everything I do and walk a new path. 
But now I realise that in the run-up to this dream coming true, there were certain things that essentially needed to happen before it was the right time. This morning I felt drawn to write a poem for you, about some of those things.
I rarely write poetry as it requires a state of mind I don’t often have and because my ego says that I can’t do it.
But maybe today, I can!
Or maybe it’s a gift that I’ve simply channelled for you.
I hope you enjoy it either way.
Here’s the link:
I hope it inspires you to hold onto your dreams with love and passion.
– Namaste