Why Dieting is Never Going to Help Her Lose Weight


Miranda writes 

Against my better judgment, I let the doctor put me on weight loss medication  

That became a trigger for me.   

Now I’m off them and trying to find a way of eating that works for weight loss but also isn’t triggering to my binge eating.   

I’m really struggling right now.   

I know that any kind of restrictive eating just sets me up for failure as it is a trigger. But at the same time, I need to lose weight for medical reasons. 


Chinmayi replies 

It sounds like you are under a lot of pressure to lose weight now which is an added struggle for you.  

You seem to know your patterns very well and have got yourself very well educated from your history of eating disorders.

You know that restriction is what causes the lack of weight loss. This is because you have educated your body to expect periods of starvation a.k.a diets. So when you eat normally’, your metabolism slows down and stores fat, just in case there’s another diet coming.  

There is a way forward looking a little deeper to find out the big WHYs in your life that has brought you to this place.  

What are the emotions that trigger you? First, you need to know. 

BodyMAGIC! helps you to identify this so that you can heal it for good. Recognition is so important. Otherwise, we’re just running around trying this and that like a headless chicken! 

You know what will trigger you. The next step is to find out why 

We can’t heal something unless we know what it is. Once this has shifted, your brain will relax and you will be able to enjoy a great friendship with food. The weight will fall naturally.  

However, that can’t be your focus with this method. The pressure is too much.  

So ditch the scales, the counting of inches, pounds, calories, and carbs and let’s get working on you! 

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