How I Set a Date for the Shift of my Life


The start of this retreat has been marked when my hubby has gone to the UK for almost four weeks.

Two weeks ago, I did a salt cleanse (Shankhaprakshalana). Whilst this was an excellent reset practice and a great preparatory step to the full experience, I haven’t deemed it to be the start. The reason I delayed my official beginning of this retreat is that this retreat is all about ME!

Therefore the start is marked by the fact that I am home alone (with the dogs) and therefore responsible for prioritising myself, my household chores, my dog-mum duties and looking after guests that were staying here. My challenge is to bring healing and wellbeing into everyday life.


Timing is Everything


When I did Shankhaprakshalana, Myron was still here, so I had support. I’m not saying that was a negative thing, on the contrary. But the reason for this retreat was to rekindle and recharge my confidence and my own personal power to manage the everyday responsibilities of life, whilst still putting myself, my health, daily personal growth and wellbeing first. Every single time.


My Big Why

I have a feeling that these weeks are about to be one of the most realistic and enlightening weeks of my whole life.

This time alone is a unique and valuable opportunity.

I have set a strong intention to be the best version of Chinmayi Dore that I can be – mind, body and soul.

The autumn that is coming holds new and exciting opportunities for me and I will be there, really be present for all that unfolds.

It’s not totally without any support whatsoever. I do have a coach in the US whom I speak to once per month and we also have some messaging when I need some more information. I also am lucky to have the support of family and friends.

My Daily Practices

I commit to these as much as possible (unless there is stress involved in fitting them in):

Rising early – REALLY EARLY! – drinking 1/2 litre of water and making my favourite wake up drink – Yerba Mate

Meditation and my rituals – first thing in the morning 20-30 minutes, journaling my insights and any action I can take

Two 7-minute rounds of HIIT to wake up my legs, back and core and get me ready to tackle the hill outside our house!

A twice-daily walk with the dogs – listening to my Audibles. My chosen topic is the Law of Attraction and Sistership Circles. A stop for saluting the rising sun and tuning in the sounds of nature. I get through so many books this way. Not only that When I walk in those places again, I remember the book and its content!

Yoga (minimum 1 practice per day, 6 days per week) – aiming for 2 practices per day followed by my own Chakra Meditation (getting to be OK with the sound of my own voice!)

Smoothie/high protein breakfast after an overnight fast of more than 14 hours

Creative morning time – writing, journaling, designing, cooking

Cleaning/decluttering time – getting rid of the old so that the new can enter, including cobwebs, 

A communication half-hour – email challenge, answering important messages and posts on social media



And there’s more…

An admin hour. At the moment, I’m working on my websites. This allows me to still feel connected to my work and responsibilities.

One and a half hours of chill time.  Siesta, some sunbathing, more journaling, reading, relaxation recordings.

A learning hour – online courses I’ve wanted to do but never found the time. I’m doing an NLP/Coaching certificate with Rik Schnabel this month.

Watering my vegetable garden. Love this time so much! Connection with Nature, joy and appreciation of her bounty beyond compare!

After the second walk with the dogs, dry brushing, shower, self-massage using essential oil in all the right places!

A daily call to family or a close friend or new acquaintance

Divine time – real pampering – soaking my feet, face mask, manicure, watching a ‘healthy’ movie etc.

That is some list, right?!

You may be wondering how the heckers can I do all that?

Well, let me tell you that I absolutely can if I’m organised and focused and I learn to say ‘no’ where necessary and see the value in saying ‘yes’ when needed.

This has been a real challenge for me this first week and some days run smooth and others can seem a complete disaster.

That’s OK because if I believe in my intention, to be the best version of myself, then any challenges are to teach me something. The biggest challenge so far is to see this list as a framework but make an allowance for life’s obstacles. Because in each of these obstacles there is a teaching and therefore possibly a learning.


Letting Go

Part of the detox is letting go.

I have become so convinced that I need to be in control of my schedule all the time to feel empowered but that really isn’t the case. By releasing control of it when necessary I can feel more empowered in my life. I trust more that all is in divine order.

I’m also being kind to myself and releasing the hard and fast rules – the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’.  This might be second nature to some of you but for me, it’s highlighted just how hard I am on myself, where in my life that comes from, so that I can heal the past and feel empowered, loved and that

I’m enough in the present. What a gift!

Coming Soon!

The next post will be about my day-to-day journey.

It will include my chakra focus, how I integrate shamanic practices into my day and some of the exquisite lessons and aha moments of my first week.

Thank you for reading my blog.

It supports me to know that you’re with me in your desire to know more and how we can truly live life the best way possible! All my love and support back to YOU!



Chinmayi x