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“Fantastic afternoon with Chinmayi at our Open Minds group. A brilliant speaker, extremely knowledgeable and highly recommended. If you have a bad relationship with food then get in touch and change your life” – Liz Chapman

Chinmayi is obsessed with sharing the information from the teachings and extensive experience in healing she has accumulated from over 15 years of practice. She can talk ‘until the cows come home’ about all of the topics covered in her book and so much more since it was published in 2014.

If you are looking for a great speaker at one of your events, here are some ideas where she can deliver an inspiring and informative talk:

1. Emotional eating
2. Binge Eating as an Eating Disorder
3. The holistic approach to compulsive eating
4. The three facets of the mind and how they determine our levels of success in all we do.
5. The Diet Cycle of Suffering and how to break it
6. The 7 Spells of BodyMAGIC!
7. The holistic approach to Health, Healing, and Happiness
8. Emotional Freedom Technique and how it works with eating disorders
9. The definition of hunger
10. Nature’s Call – how to connect with Mother Earth in everyday modern life
11. Yoga & Meditation and how they support physical and mental illness
12. The Enneagram and how it helps us be the best of our type we can be
13. Ritual, angels, and altars – connecting with Spirit
14. The 2 Keys to BodyMAGIC! –
15. The 10 Principles of BodyMAGIC!
16. The Chakras and how they relate to habits and addictions
17. Shamanic Yoga – asana with Spirit
18. Discipline and Willpower around Food
19. Diet Fads and Fallacies, Myths and Truths
20. Why Diets Don’t Work
21. Stress and the Mind
22. The Law of Attraction for Body, Mind, and Soul
23. What to do when ‘falling off the wagon’.
24. Why Meditation is Magic
25. Nine Steps to Mindful Munching

She is very open to combining some of these topics and expanding to suit the audience.

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“What an inspiring presentation!” – Jackie

“You were truly in your essence, came over very clear and professional…you were so busy at the end I didn’t get to hug you…next time, as I’m sure you’ll be invited back” – Barbara


“Great presentation Chinmayi! Good luck with your podcast. A great way to reach the world!” – Priscilla