What to do in Times of Overwhelm and Self-Sabotage

Heavy workload, no time, sabotage, procrastination

I’ve been learning even more about this time challenge thing lately and recognising some of the patterns of self-sabotage in myself.

Also, I know from talking to my clients, that this is sooooo common on the journey to BodyMAGIC!

One of the ways that really surprised me was feeling and telling everyone that I’m overwhelmed.

This is how it goes….

“I’m too busy this morning to make a smoothie, I’ll have tea instead”

“I’m so busy, I haven’t got time to meditate”

“It’s just impossible to fit in my practice today”

“Can we just go and get a pizza today, I really am too tired to cook”

“I don’t even have time for journaling lately.”

“I don’t know where to start with my work?”

“I’m so overwhelmed!”

“I’m running around like a headless chicken!”

This is using overwhelm to self-sabotage my good intentions for my health. Yes, it is!

Back in March 2016, my hubby and I managed to feed seven newborn puppies every two hours. The job took ninety minutes for just one of us. In between, we had to clean and sterilise bottles, prepare feeds, refill three hot water bottles and clean them all (without nappies of course). Some days we had no hot water (because the pressure was so low where we lived in the mountains) and on a few days, we had no water at all.

We had eight hours of time together and eight hours each alone with them (while the other slept), for at least THREE WEEKS.

Now THAT was busy…

I still managed a 20-minute walk up the hill to see the sunrise, do my morning rituals and just reflect or meditate. I guess that’s why they say “If you want something doing, ask a busy person!”

So why, now that they’ve gone and I’m free, is it so hard to keep to a routine?

I seem so busy still!

I’m actually cramming other stuff into my time available to stop me from performing my MITs (most important tasks).

What time can I save?

Here are my three top tips to getting worthy stuff done first that are really helping me…

  1. Have a list of the 3 MITs (the most important tasks) that will take you 1-step (however small) towards your goals.
  2. Prepare everything the night before for your practice/workout/morning walk (clothes, water, shoes etc), meals (know what you’re having and when) and even make your smoothie the night before.
  3. Make sure you can get on with the stuff that matters much quicker by avoiding social media and the inbox until the afternoon or early evening.

If you are overwhelmed, you are likely to be avoiding something that really matters to you personally. Maybe take some time to reflect.

body magic emotional eating

No judgement.

Awareness is everything.

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You deserve this as a present to yourself and there is really no time like the present!