Age Is Just A Number


I’m fifty-one and a half years old.   

When I walk the dogs I say hello to everyone I meet.   

More about the dogs in a minute.   

Most of the people I greet in the morning’s pooch parade are probably younger than me. But I often feel like I’m talking to an old man or woman.  

I forget my age.  

I still speak to them as if they were my elders.  

I must come across as quite respectful and humble. And I am. But I still feel like I’m talking to an elder.  

I have to remind myself of my years, my experience and my knowledge. It’s not in an arrogant way, but it’s necessary to keep my confidence and esteem up there right where it belongs.  

However, one big thing I notice as I get older is my tendency to not allow myself to relax enough to play. To totally switch off the biz button and just be totally silly for a while.  

Of course, there are all sorts of ways to play. 

Play More. Live More!

For me, it’s raving. I love to get dressed up, I’m so into trance music, the awesome people and the general euphoria of it all. The DJs are lovely, the lasers and lights are fantastic. I can do 44,000 steps in one night, the equivalent of 30km, and not feel any stiffness in my legs. I refuse to listen to anyone, my age or younger, who tells me that I should stop all that and ‘just calm down’. But as I spend most of my time in Spain now, I don’t get the chance to go out and play in this way, so often.   

So I’ve realised lately, that I need new outlets for my inner child to play.   

I do believe the Universe gives us just what we want when we ask for it. But I’m constantly surprised at what I get.   

Now I’ve never been a dog person really. Sure, we had the puppy experience last year, but that was only ever going to be a temporary thing (which we loved very much).  

We found homes in the UK for all of them.   

In Spring this year, by sheer chance and circumstance, two beautiful dogs came into our lives. These beauties have changed my life. AGAIN!   

One of the puppies came back from the UK and one followed me home when I was out walking by myself. They arrived within two weeks of each other.  

play-with-dogsApparently, dogs choose their owners. These dogs have given us a much-needed injection of exercise, time in nature, routine, affection, unconditional love and of course, play. There isn’t a day that goes by where they don’t have me laughing and feeling awesome, just by their very presence.  

Set Fun Goals

I’ve also decided to set some play goals…  

– Instead of taking my business so seriously and living in fear of failure, I’ve started treating it as a hobby. I’ve never worked 9-5 and it’s never ever seemed like ‘work’ (as I knew work in my 23 years in financial services).  

– I’m practicing hula hoop again  

– I’m playing with my asana practice – I’m tinkering with headstands, monkey pose (splits), arm balances, twists, binding poses, core strength and in a fun way.  

– I’ve dusted down my violin at last! I had the bow reconditioned and the violin restrung last year and I’ve never given myself the time to play it. Yes, I’ve regressed in my ability level, back to the 7 yr old who first played it. But it’s really funny!  

– I’m playing music more. When I practice yoga, when I’m walking and when I’m preparing food. The difference in my energy and attitude is also relative to the amount of amusement I’m finding!  

– I’m playing with my food more. I’m experimenting with recipes, putting ingredients together that I previously wouldn’t dare. I’m not measuring anything. I’m just doing it for fun. I’m daring to make bread without a recipe.  

– In a couple of weeks, my daughter comes out for a holiday. I really want us to have lots of fun. I don’t mean by visiting different places and ‘doing stuff’. I mean just being together, laughing and talking about good things.  

Live In The Moment

I don’t want to dwell too much on when I stopped playing as a child. The other day, I read that the average 40-year-old has had three disasters in their life, which can change the way they look at the world. I’ve had a few, and I know I’m not alone.   

Sure I struggled. But it’s not how I want to spend the rest of my days.   

I believe that it is our attitude that determines our age.  

Nothing more.   

I saw a video on Facebook (I was tagged!) of a woman with bright purple hair, in her 80s, raving and still having the time of her long, beautiful life.  

For inspiration, we can look to someone like Tina Turner. She never let her past define her. She has an awesome attitude! And the energy from that attitude radiates from within her soul to her mind and body.  


So go my friend…and PLAY!…today!  

Don’t wait until the weekend, your holidays, when the weather is better or even when you feel more like it. You’ll love it when you start!  

“I wish I’d spent less time playing and more time focusing on my work”, said no-one EVER!”  

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