Break That Binge Eating Cycle

unhappy woman on scale after binge eating






This is how we feel when we yo-yo between restrictive and binge eating.

This picture so perfectly illustrates how I used to feel around this time of year. You could super-impose my face on this picture and I would believe it really was me in the past.

If you’re feeling any of the big D words above, please let me cut you some slack.

There are perfect and honest reasons (not excuses) why this is likely to be so.


The Binge Eating Reality


  1. You’ve likely indulged in more sugar than normal over Christmas, so you have anywhere between a slight sugar habit to a disempowering addiction to work through. You might not be craving sugar but your mood will be affected as you ‘come down’ from the effects of sweets.
  2. Our human instinct says that we don’t like to feel isolated, we need comfort and support. And we will usually need this comforting support instead of the comfort afforded by food. So unless you have a coach, mentor or super-supportive-spouse, you will be a little disappointed at your lack of staying power. This can lead to binge eating alone.
  3. It’s almost impossible to lose weight as fast as you gained it, especially at Christmas. Why? Because for most of us this is winter. Our brains have not evolved as fast as our lifestyles and we’re hard-wired to believe that overeating is preparation for a famine. But the famine never comes. You’ll have access to quality food, therefore, the unconscious mind thinks you’re still preparing because you’re still eating! The body’s natural way to protect you from starving is to slow down your metabolism.
  4. Your body is constantly trying to bring you back to normal (called homeostasis) and it does this with hormones which are really chemical messengers. For the same reasons as above, your body thinks you may be starving, so it produces cortisol. This, in turn, sends signals to your body to layer fat around your organs to protect you.
  5. When you restrict your food intake, you put a stress on your system. So when you have existing emotional stress in your life, you’re adding to it when you diet.  Any restrictions you put on your body’s need for nutrition will nearly always backfire. This might not only be the quantity of food. Most processed ‘diet’ foods are laden with non-natural chemicals. Some of these ingredients are proven to make you want to eat even more.


Is dieting a solution?


I remember feeling so helpless when I was counting my points and busting a gut at the gym and not seeing results on the scales. I felt that dieting is the only answer but it isn’t an answer at all.

The fact is that weight loss in emotional eaters is regained typically within 3 months after the diet ends FACT!binge eating on chocolate because your brain is hard-wired to protect you from starvation. When the stress from dieting is over, you’ll be encouraged to stock up by your brain to protect you from famine (or diets) in the future.

There is a way to step out of this cycle, whether it’s yo-yo dieting or binge eating or emotional eating. I did myself and I never use food to numb my emotions now.

I really want to help you.

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