Emotional Eating?


Break the cycle of dieting and bingeing in 90 days!



Diets Don’t Work! 

In the United States in 2018 alone, $168bn was spent in the diet industry. Yet only 5% of dieters manage to keep the weight off for more than two years.

THIS is a problem. 

Why  would you invest in anything that gives you only a 5% chance of a positive result? 



The Average Life of Dieter

Is this YOU? 



How much money do you think you might have spent on diets, programs, book, food plans etc?


Do you invest your time, money or energy in  your wellbeing – mentally or physically?


What results are you getting and do they last?




How many of your daily thoughts are about food, your body, your weight, your clothes and your size?

How is your energy level?

Do you wish you had more spark, enthusiasm and drive to go after your dreams?





What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?


How do you judge yourself?


What part of life are you not living fully because of your size, your opinion of your body or your health?




What diet has ever helped you manage your emotions?

If you are dieting to lose weight because of your emotional eating, what are you doing to help your emotional health?


What else do you depend on for escape e.g – alcohol, drugs, TV, nicotine, social media? 

What would you prefer to be doing instead? 


Watch It In Action

shelf development


Action Speaks Louder 

Than Words


Since her book BodyMAGIC! was published in 2015, Chinmayi has helped thousands of people find out what they’re really hungry for and identify, heal and transform their emotions around food.

This not only has an impact around food but with all of life. When we are not obsessed with food, we have so much time for the rest of what life has to offer.  

The book is full of information, insights and tools for anyone wanting to heal their relationship with food. But it’s a huge book and a book on a shelf is merely ‘shelf development’.  

The Online Initiation Course is simple, easy-to-follow and will get you quickly on the road to recovery, covering the main learning from the book and how to integrate it into everyday life.



what’s inside

The BodyMAGIC! Circle

Initiation Program

90 days of support and valuable motivation from Chinmayi

7 modules with detailed information about emotional eating recovery

One weekly Q&A call on Fridays or Saturdays with a recording

All information, files etc available in one private Facebook group

A Fill-in-the-blank workbook to help you integrate what you've learned

"I was lost and deeply unhappy when I found Chinmayi. She transformed my life with her extensive wisdom, knowledge and gentle guidance. She goes a thousand extra miles to support you on your healing journey"

H Shaw

"Chinmayi is a dynamic coach. She is very perceptive to my needs and listens actively to underlying tones and messages being share. Once she picks up on the language, she is able to gently bring those subjects up during our conversation and allows me the opportunity to recognize how powerful those words are in my worldview."

M Woods

"I have been seeing Chinmayi for several months now and she has help me overcome grief and emotional eating. We have done so much together and I really cannot thank her enough. I have regained control of my eating and I'm certainly on a path to continued happiness and well being. I fully recommend all her services."

S. Grant


“her work is transformational!”

I have been able to see a significant difference in my thoughts and the decisions I am making for my health and well being. Her work is transformational! I am seeing so much freedom in loving myself more and becoming aware of my potential!

“I couldn’t have done it without chinmayi”

Since working through ‘Body Magic’ I can honestly say that I now have a healthy relationship with food! I couldn’t have done it without Chinmayi. She helped me to cultivate a positive change in my emotional well-being and heal my past

“she deserves a nobel prize in my eyes!”

Chinmayi is not just a coach, she has a genuine passion for helping people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. She deserves a nobel prize in my eyes! I can’t even describe how much this woman has helped me. I am eternally grateful to her. Thankyou Chinmayi for everything 🙏 You are a life saver

A message from Chinmayi


It’s time for a new way of being around food 


I spent 30 years of my life revolved around eating. Food was my enemy and my comfort, moving from one to other sometimes within hours. I felt worthless when I binge-ate and then I binge-ate because I felt worthless. It was a continuous cycle of suffering 

I didn’t understand what I was really hungry for. I thought I had the perfect life.

All of the material things I’d been taught were so important – money, career, social life, hobbies, holidays and a beautiful home. But it wasn’t enough to stop me eating emotionally. The shame of being so miserable when I had such a great life forced me to keep my eating disorder a secret.

It drained the life out of me. So when my mother passed away from cancer in 2006, my whole being had a meltdown. I had no spirit left and much less did I care about maintaining that lifestyle I worked so hard to create.  

This program is to give you the information and tools you need to heal your relationship with food.   

Your connection with food can be nurturing, friendly and fun. When you cease obsessing about food, you create so much more space for the rest of what this amazing life has to offer. 

If this feel empowered just relating to my journey and inspired to make a change that will truly make a difference, take the next step. 

You really have everything to thrive for!





Choose A Plan That Works For You


We are sure you’ll agree that for this level of coaching the monthly subscription represents excellent value for this high level of coaching but check out the pay in full option where not only do you save $50, you get an electronic copy of Chinmayi’d best-selling book :



a Blissfully Happy Ending to Binge and Emotional Eating





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