Christmas Gifts You’ll Love Now

by | Dec 18, 2017

Santas Here Early For YOU to Ensure You Sail Through Christmas with Joy 

I’m sure you will be starting to feel like you’re in overdrive now preparing for the Christmas holidays.

Especially if you have young children. 

It can  be so exhausting!  

If you have even a few minutes to read this email, I’m grateful. I truly am!

Let me make it worth your while… 


The Calm Before the Cheer


I have a FREE! 10-minute relaxation HERE which will lower your heart rate, reduce adrenaline and cortisol and hopefully make you smile 🙂  

Only have 2 minutes?  

OK – try this one HERE. 

You see my friend when we take even 3 seconds just to take a deep breath, we reduce the effect of stress on the body. These effects can really clobber your immune system. And your willpower with food. 

Which is why so many people get sick in the New Year! < DUH>!!!

And this  is another reason why so many people put on weight over Christmas. Stress increases cortisol and that goes straight to one’s middle! 

Time Is of Your Essence 


Remember, everyone has the same amount of time. 


Investing a couple of minutes today might just save on cold and flu remedies and time off work after Christmas.  


And, of course, thinking about those pesky diets. 


So save this email on your phone somewhere handy and tune in to these little practices when you want to. 

Looking for More Unique Gifts?  

If you still have a few last-minute pressies to get, how about something for your loved ones which will help them to better health in 2018? 

Or maybe a little gift from and to yourself. You of all people deserve it!!  


An amazing offer…  

If you purchase one of the courses below, you  will receive it in your inbox the same day.  

However send me an email, by  replying to this one, giving the name and email of a loved one you would like to give it to and we’ll send it to them on Christmas Day with your love and blessings! 

Click the BUY NOW buttons to get the full details. 



The 12 Days of the Sun 


A mind, body, spirit journey into the Sun Salutation. A 10-12 minutes daily class, over 12 days with in-depth guidance on the physical, mindful and spiritual aspects of Surya Namaskar. This is the perfect present for the aspiring yogi or yogini as it marks the winter solstice and the return of the longer days.

Find out why this sequence is thought to be the most comprehensive exercise known to man. 

£37 – buy one get one FREE!


MeditationMAGIC! – The Course


A 12-week discovery of ancient, traditional  meditation techniques. 

Weekly classes delivered to your inbox with a guided practice and full information. 

A thorough  exploration of mindfulness and mindlessness techniques, that will  bust out stress and will be making 2018 a shining and peaceful year. 

£97 – buy one get one FREE! 

If you already have either of the programmes, of course, I’ll send it to TWO of your favourite friends.  #merrychristmas #chinmayiwishes #christmasgreetings #bodymagic #happy #healthy

And if you have any questions, email me directly at 

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year in advance!

You have a great life ahead 🙂

– Namaste, Chinmayi x