In this article, I’ve selected hemp as an awesome versatile product that I used almost every day. I’ve also included a favourite recipe for you get some more hemp in your life!cannabis, hemp,


What Is It?

The latin name of the plant is Cannabis sativa, but has a tiny trace or no THC tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound which is used as a high.

It contains all of the nine essential animo acids. ‘Essential’ means that the body cannot produce these amino acids, so it needs to get them from food for optimum health.

Some say it is a complete protein. Others disagree because it doesn’t contain a great deal of Lysine or Leucine. But it is an excellent source of L-Tyrosine and Arginine.

The seeds are where the magic is to be found. I’ll be talking about them in a later post as they are a pretty awesome thing to have at home for milk and many other

The seeds contain oil so they are cold-pressed to make a beautiful and delicious basis for salad dressings. Again I’ll give you some recipes on this later using hemp oil.

After the seeds are pressed and the oil is extracted, the pulp, which is full of vitamins, minerals and the remaining good fat that is left, is dried and ground to make hemp powder.


What’s Great About It?

hemp, protein, powder, smoothieHemp grows like a weed, as it is often called! It is cheap. resilient and easy to cultivate.

The whole plant is extremely useful and offers an extremely flexible multitude of possible uses.

Hemp can make a substitute for plastic, which is naturally biodegradable. We can make clothes with it, beauty products and cosmetics.

It has been used as a medicine for generations. Cannabis oil has been reported to prevent and even cure cancer and other diseases.

Soya has had a bad press lately for it’s association with GMO practices and its implications of hormone imbalances as an isolate. Hemp needs very little in the way of pesticides and herbicides and natural cultivation is possible and easier than with soya.

Even if the hemp is not certified organic, there is a good chance that it has not been sprayed with chemicals in its growth. This makes it probably the safest source of plant protein around.


Why choose hemp over other proteins? 

Well, the answer is obvious if you’re a vegan or vegetarian who wants to cut down on dairy products and/or eggs it is ideal.

Very digestible, hemp contains easy fibre for the body, so great to keep the toxins out. It could also, therefore, prevent colorectal cancer and helps to dodge diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and constipation.

It can reduce the effects of PMS by reducing the effect of prolactin in sufferers. For other women of a certain age, it is thought to help prevent osteoporosis, especially for those also are eating a plant-based diet.

It has a healthy dose of omegas 3 and 6 which helps prevent loss of bone density. The ration of omegas 3:6 is impressive at 3:1. This ratio is more in tune with the body’s needs and is rare in the typical modern diet.

Hemp can also help the heart stay healthy by helping the production of nitrous oxide. This keeps the blood flowing, blood pressure where it should be and the arteries clear.

There are an increasing amount of highly successful vegan and vegetarian athletes and even bodybuilders who choose hemp protein powder to increase their protein intake.

Furthermore, vegetarian and vegan diets, even part-time, do a lot to support the planet’s limited resources.


How Much Should I Have?

The recommended daily intake of protein varies according to body weight. One extensive study reveals that the majority of us need well under one gram (0.83g) of protein per kg of body weight per day.

Two tablespoons of hemp protein powder can provide around 13-15 grams of protein. Gram for gram, this is comparable with lamb or beef.


How Can I Use It In My Life?

For a long while now I’ve been using hemp. It came into my life when I stopped eating so much dairy. It’s been a long process for me. But in 2017 so far, I’m dairy free. My reasons are for another blog post. Of course, there are always nuts and beans as a protein source.

Hemp is a great go-to protein for smoothies, healthy baking, soups, sauces, dressings, and casseroles. If you’re a raw-food lover, this is a fantastic way to get protein from plants into your diet.

Here’s one of my favorite uses. It’ll keep you going for hours!


Super-Charge Smoothie

Serves 2-3 and made in a 1 litre blender, adjust accordingly

1 bananahemp, protein, powder

2-3 sticks celery

1 pear or apple

2 tbsp of ground pumpkin seeds

1 handful of greens e.g kale, lettuce, spinach

Juice of half large lemon

2 tbsp of Hemp Powder

1 inch cube of ginger

500ml filtered or spring water

Blend and enjoy!


Where Can I Get It?

Right HERE!hemp, protein, powder, wholefoods, green, smoothie

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