How To Heal Your Emotional Moments and Memory

If youve read BodyMAGIC! or even moved in natural health circles for a while, youll know that emotion is

e-motion or energy in motion. It is meant to move in and out of our consciousness steadily and swiflty.  

emotional moments

It is clear that we don’t let our emotions go very easily.   

If we did we would never have developed eating disorders or emotional eating habits.  

How have we got to this?   

Well, after thousands of years of evolution, we’re at loggerheads with our natural patterns of letting go.   


When we had to hunt for food and protect ourselves from predators (which we did for 90% of our existence), we knew how to cope with stress.   

However, our trauma was short-lived.   

The fight or flight response was designed as a short-term, unconscious mechanism for getting us out of sudden and clear, life-threatening danger. All of the body’s hormones to help us to do this would dissipate soon after the danger disappeared.


In other words, the emotion e.g fear etc. would move in and out of our bodies very quickly.   

Of course in modern times, these challenges linger for much longer. For example, fear of losing a job lasts way longer than running from a dinosaur!   

So the memory lingers in our consciousness for sometimes years, if not a lifetime.  

Introducing a New Word : E-Memory !


This is what I call your e-memory.   

Like cell memory, where you remember how to do things physically, e-memory reminds you of how to react, feel and respond when a similar situation presents itself.  

It is said that the average adult has faced at least three major traumas by the age of 50. It’s then not at all surprising that we still react in ways that don’t serve our health.  

So how do we change the patterns of our modern-day stress responses 

Like most of the practices in my book, they involve the elements of:  


Know Thyself and

Know Thy Worth 

subconscious mind
  1. For knowing yourself, a mindful approach is needed when emotions come.

Here’s an exercise which I use (subconsciously, most of the time) to help me change the patterns which I have developed from my past traumas.   

It involves four stages and doesn’t have to take long. With practice you can move through this practice in less than five minutes. 

Feel Real Heal Seal

As you go throught this process, it’s a good idea to have your journal handy to jot down a few words that come to mind. You can reflect on them again later. It’ll also show you how well you’re moving on.

Stage 1. Feel

Witness the emotion coming, give it a name e.g. anger, worry, shock, fright, fear, disappointment. Allow yourself to completely feel it.

Where does it manifest in the body? Perhaps your chest, stomach, groin or throat. Name the place where it resides.

Say to yourself –Im feeling A in my B and Im allowing the energy to move through me naturally 

Stage 2. Real

Ask what is the reality of the emotion?   

This bit takes a bit of practice because we never want to look back and naturally want to avoid feeling the same pain that an origianl trauma brought on. 

But don’t over think it. Start the phrase and see what comes. Your unconscious mind will help you.

Say to Yourself – “This A is because in the past I’ve had C happen and I don’t want it to happen to me again. My brilliant mind is trying to protect me. However, consciously, I know that the chances of it happening again, in reality, are D (low, unlikely, rare)”  

Stage 3. Heal

It’s time to release it from your consciousness. Only you can do this. A healer, therapist or guide can only show you the door. You have to close it yourself. It’s never as hard as you might think.

Say to Yourself – Im feeling A in my B and now I choose to let it go 

Use EFT (tapping), Om, Rescue Remedy, Meditation or a relaxation technique to help you. 

Stage 4. Seal

Here’s an opportunity to learn and grow. Seal it with a statement!

What was the lesson?

This is where we explore the wisdom that we were gifted with from this trauma or event. For example:  

Say to Yourself  – “The Universe gave me A, which I felt in my B. I felt it strongly because of C but I was able to let it go because the reality is D.  

Im releasing this e-memory go now because the lesson is learned.  

Thank you, Universe/Great Spirit/God/Allah/Shiva/Rama 


For what its Worth  

  1. The know your worth part of this process is so important. Most healing practices fail because we don’t make them a habit. Or we feel a little improvement and stop.  

Knowing your worth means that you create a regular practice.   

know your worth

Your birthright is to a blissful life, free from emotional stores which result in emotional eating or binge eating or any other numbing-out habits you have picked up on the way.   

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