Still Outing the Old?

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If you’ve ever had New Year’s resolutions, you’ll know that they can be rocky ground.

After a month of works’ parties and family gatherings, mulled wine, chocolate, cream, and cake, we feel that we need resolutions to give us hope!

We’re glad to be getting back in a routine and eating ‘properly’ again. Sometimes we need a resolution or two to refocus our mind and get back ‘on track’.

One reason we don’t like them is that they can often set us up for failure.

After the indulgences of the festive feasting, we can feel like we need to go further than just ‘back to normal’. This might be a detox, a new diet, a new herb or an exercise regime.

But in reality, it doesn’t fit with our lifestyle, our commitments nor our motivation levels.

Subconsciously maybe, we believe that if we can ‘undo’ all of our good work over Christmas then we should be able to ‘redo’ it all with the same amount of effort and in the same amount of time.

But of course, that’s rarely possible.

Good Goals

Goals are very important for me. I do make them before the new year, at the end of every month and the night before every day. Sometimes it’s in my head but usually, it’s in my diary or on my laptop.

Yes, I’m a practical person and usually quite organised.

But a dreaming diva too.

I thrive on aspirations and meticulously scheduling every day with ways to learn, grow and evolve myself, my relationship and my business. Although I’m still learning to be more productive and results orientated.

But I feel at 50 (until Saturday anyway) I’m still enjoying an amazing life.

As for eating, I do a cleanse several times a year. cleanse, resolutions, detox

But it’s not just to eliminate toxins and to feel light.

It clears my mind and reopens my heart. I know it connects me deeper with my spirit.

More becomes possible, manageable and available.

MAGIC! just happens…

It’s called Shankhaprakshalana.

From the name, you’ll gather that it’s not something I learned from the latest TOWIE video!

My beloved teacher and guru in India shared this practice with me in 2009, so that I can share it with my students.

It has been one of the most potent ingredients in my journey to overcoming emotional eating.

If you are interested in practising this with me sometime, I’d be happy to help you. Fill on the Contact Form and let’s find a way to make it happen for you

Fill in the Contact Form and let’s chat over tea (and the internet!).

In the meantime, continue to review, refine and rewrite your resolutions out.

Any day can be the start of a new year.

– Namaste