Those Dark, Grief-filled Days

In this article, Chinmayi offers some insight to two of her followers whose emotional eating is going hand-in-hand with the overwhelming grief of losing a loved one. 



They write:

Hi Chinmayi 

My eldest son put last year in a nutshell when he called it spectacularly and monumentally shit. As a family we have come through the worst 5 months ever but at a time like this, we have found true friends, we have found support in unexpected places but sadly we have been let down by people on whom we assumed we could rely on.  

Love Heidi 

Anabel writes:   

I am 46, a mum of three. I lost my sister and my mum last year. I have had an eating disorder for most of my life. 

Chinmayi’s Reply: 

Words can be very comforting during grieving for the loss of a loved one. But no words will ever be able to describe the pain of your loss.  

I know. It comes in waves.  

It’s like God, the angels or some other higher power doesn’t want to you to feel the harsh and horrible truth, that this person has gone from our world. For that drip feed, at least, we can be grateful.   

But when the tsunami hits, the pain is so very unbearable.   

In my darkest days, I turned to drugs (including anti-depressants, alcohol and of course food – LOTS of it!). Yes, it numbed me out. But most often it was a poor investment, for several reasons.

You see, alcohol is a depressant, anti-depressants don’t work when we drink booze and food binges just made me miserable anyway.  

I don’t remember the breakdown and perhaps it’s better that way. But when I had nothing left of myself, out of it I came. Now, I would rather refer to it as a breakthrough, whatever it was. 

Stillness in Grief

For some of us, prayer is the answer. In those desperate times of despair, it was meditation that turned my life around. Some say prayer is a meditation with a mantra. I would tend to agree, having done both for most of my life. Both bring us into stillness, reassurance and relief.

Whatever your beliefs offer you  

Whatever opportunities come for your healing 

Whoever walks into your life offering help 

Open up your arms my friend and graciously receive.  

Not only will you heal from this.

You already know that things will never be the same again. This loss could empower you with change and evolution, beyond your earthly imagination.  

I’m signing off with an excerpt from my book and a little of my own story of magical healing and transformation…

Healing Stress and Grief with Meditation – an Excerpt from BodyMAGIC! – by Chinmayi Dore 




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