Coming Down with Something? 


When your immune system is compromised you may pick up a cold or virus from the air shared with the people around you. Usually, you’ll get a sore throat or a headache. Your throat is your first line of defense, so a sure sign that an immunity boost is needed. 

Listen to the call of nature. It will always bring you back to balance. 

This is the perfect time to make yourself some herb tea. All of the ingredients in this brew are good for your immunity.  

Ginger will help warm you if you’re feeling the chill and you’re shivery. 

Also in here is Rosemary which helps liver function. When the immune system is challenged, detoxification goes into overdrive. Rosemary will help out here. 

Most of these are easily grown in your garden, so ‘make hay’ and plant these while the sun shines and you’ll be ready to tackle those pesky bugs with some herbal love. 

When it comes to quantities, it really doesnt matter. My general rule of thumb is a handful of each. Except ginger. 

Heres how:

Into a pot place a handful or so of


Laurel (Bay) 



and 1-2 inch cube of fresh or dried ginger 

Cover them all with about a liter of water and bring to the boil. 

Simmer for 20 mins and allow to cool slightly. 

Pour into a cup, through a sieve if necessary, adding organic honey to taste and a squeeze of lemon if you like. 

If you already have a cold this will help reduce the time it takes to work its way out of your system. 

Believe me, Ive tried it. It works.