Are Sun Creams the Best for our Families?




Today is International Day of Families


I don’t have a big family. Most of the relatives from my extended families seemed to go their own way when my mother left this world. Sometimes it makes me sad, sure.

However, I feel grateful for the family that I do still have in my life and I know that there are many people less fortunate than myself.

Today I’m sharing with you one tiny aspect of how we care for our family today, the current trends and perhaps (in my dreams, at least) how we might care for them in the future.

I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories but when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, I have big suspicions. 

If we believe that there are no such things as coincidences, then there’s too much evidence to support the fact as a race we care more about sickness than we do about health.   


Nature Versus the Lab



Health doesn’t make money, sickness does.

BIG money.

The same goes for the health of our skin. And skin cancer.

We want to be able to sit in the sun all day and yet block it with cream.


What we don’t appreciate is the reaction of the sun’s rays on the chemicals to which we expose our beautiful skin. The sun has been around for millions of years and yet, only recently has skin cancer been such an issue.  


How does this relate to emotional and binge eating? 

…you might ask…

Well, in my book I write 11,000 words on the many ways that we can reconnect with nature (the hand that feeds us). One such way is looking to more natural products to put on our skin.

As you might know, I live in Spain. So I have much more than a 2-week opportunity to get some rays on my bones.

It’s so important for my menopause symptoms to top up with Vitamin D, often called the sunshine vitamin. D helps the health of my bones and keeps the possibility of osteoporosis away.  

Now I, like most sensible souls, don’t want to burn.

It ain’t big and sure ain’t clever. But I do want to get some sun on my skin.

Until a few years ago, I would sweat it out all day with a high-SPF cream.

Nowadays, I just let the rays in, for just a while, then I go off and do something else.

I use coconut oil, which is alkaline on my body and face and has a low natural SPF. After 20-30 minutes on each side, I’ll either get in the shade, the water or the house.

If I’m out and about then I’ll simply cover up.

Some Sun is Good


I think it’s also important not to panic with the sun-blocking creams.

There’s a reason why rickets is re-emerging in the south of England in children.  Kids are hardly seeing the sun at all, so blocking it out altogether may not be the best thing for your kids, or you or your family.

The sun has many benefits to our health. Whilst we should respect its power, we might also honor its health-giving qualities.  


I know it’s different and often difficult with kids, as they usually want to play out all day. Babies, in particular, are very sensitive to sunshine and burn easily. For these marathon sun times, try a natural or organic sun cream, one that doesn’t have the nasties in it.


Alternative for all the Family


My good friend Marie-Louise has shared details of an Arbonne product with me for this blog.

I love it because it’s vegan, gluten-free and in my humble opinion, better than most. It’s suitable for the whole family and is totally cruelty-free and packaged in recyclable plastic.

If you’re working to connect with Nature, then these factors are all-important.  This company is proud to give out very thorough information.

Check it out HERE!

I also like this product because it uses minerals as a screen rather than chemicals. So, there’s no formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfate etc. 

Those times when you’re hiking all day, you might like to put some of this on your exposed bits. 

But you don’t need to buy seven different factors and products for you and the kids. This is suitable for all of the family. 

For the beach holidays, give yourself some raw rays every day and get a good dose of the sun’s medicine without going for the burn.

Then enjoy cooling off in the shade with no sweat! 

For more information about this controversial topic, check out “Dark Deception” by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Please note that I’m not an Arbonne representative and there is no financial benefit to me in recommending this or any other Arbonne product.

Sun Worshipper?

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