Meltdowns without the Trip to the Refridgerator

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If you’re part of this list and have been reading my email and blog posts for a while, you probably recognise your habits of emotional binge or overeating. Every diet can seem like it comes to a grinding halt with the next meltdown. When the s*** hits the fan, life can get really messy.

I wrote a book called BodyMAGIC! about it because I overcame emotional eating. One day, I realised that it had been some time since my emotions drove me to the refrigerator or, to the 24-hr garage in the middle of the night to get crisps and chocolate.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have meltdowns.

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It doesn’t mean that I don’t have s**t days. Of course, I do. This week has been a pretty good all-rounder for them.


I’ve had challenges with:

  • finding a new home
  • losing most of the blogging I’ve done since November 2016 at least for the moment
  • delays in my website revamp meaning that your links haven’t been working
  • no website for a week
  • ‘bicep tendonitis’ meaning that yoga asana has been difficult (even downward dog is painful)
  • a hamstring injury which makes me feel 40 years older when I move after sitting for more than half an hour
  • feeling VERY upset about local, extreme cruelty to animals
  • the accidental death of one of the puppies we saved and reared last year
  • miscommunication resulting in one of my big goals falling apart

hope, meltdown mindfulness, love yourselfYou can imagine the emotional meltdowns involved in this lot, can’t you!

But I didn’t overeat. I didn’t take comfort from food. Not once.

It doesn’t mean that I’m less sensitive to the s**t around me. It doesn’t me that those meltdowns come calling at my emotional door now and again,

Practising healing, shamanism, yoga and meditation if anything has made me MORE sensitive, more emotional and aware of the s**t around me.

But I simply react and respond differently.

Here are just 7 new habits that have changed in my life…

  1. More courage to face the problem and communicate with those involved sooner
  2. I beat myself up less, apologise more and sooner when I know I’ve messed up
  3. Staying focused on my intentions for a healthy, happier routine, even when I don’t meet them
  4. Giving myself a day to really feel and release when I’m paralysed by loss
  5. Sending positive messages to my body and take extra time for pampering
  6. Digging out my tool box – my EFT, flower remedies, aromatherapy oils, mala, more fresh air etc
  7. Always going back to gratitude for what I DO HAVE

All of these are detailed in my book, and more.

I also guide people through these, and other habits one-to-one, as part of my coaching programme.

I’m rolling out a new phase this and next week. But only for a few students who want to make a lasting change this year.


If you want to get to know more you can do this in two ways:

Visit my LifeMAGIC! online coaching programme page, please go HERE.

Or we can chat! I offer a 30-minute “breakthrough session”. It might just change the way you look at some part of your life. And I offer this for FREE! Book that HERE

You have nothing to lose. Except your tendency to use food in challenging times!

Let me help you with your meltdowns…

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Chinmayi is the Best-selling and Award-winning author of BodyMAGIC! – a Blissful End to Emotional Eating Forever.

Find out more about her book HERE. Available from Amazon stores worldwide.