Sparkling water - A healthy soother!

Vichy Catalan – A healthy soother!

This seems to be a trying time for many of us.

Mercury has given me communication, technology, legal, relationship (Myron and I are fine btw!) and mechanical problems several times a day this time round. There is no doubt of it’s power around here. When a healer friend of mine said that I should delay my book launch until after June 11th I thought “I can’t delay it that long!” But, it seems that I had no choice really. The amount of challenges that have crossed my desk, even working in such a beautiful place, are almost laughable. A few years ago they would’ve been unbelievable!

This has tested my Tenacity beyond measure! If I didn’t think that BodyMAGIC! was really helping at least one other person in this world, I’d truly have given up the ghost many weeks ago! The impatient part of my character has morphed into a fuming, foot-stamping femme fatale. No wonder Myron has opted to work upstairs! It brings those old emotions back like an old, unwanted friend. Old fears come up too. And with them old thought patterns, old beliefs and the possibility of some old reactions.

And we know what they are!

Fortunately, even when I was convinced that there was smoke coming out of my ears, because I was so frustrated, the sugar cravings didn’t enter my unconscious mind. I have had one cup of coffee in the last month, which I didn’t actually enjoy, no processed food (here in the mountains of Spain, the processed food is really not that appetising anyway) and I have cut out supermarket-bought bread totally. The only vice I have to confess, is the occasional glass (singular) of gin and tonic. Ten years ago, this might have been half a bottle of gin (or at least one bottle of wine).

I do believe that in times of trouble, we do need a soother. We regress into that childhood, helpless place where we would turn to our guardians for soothing for our emotions.

Last night I had a similar meltdown. I would’ve poured a G&T

I could’ve done.

Just one? Hmmm, I’ve said that before! Several times!

I had it in the fridge. Lemon, ice and all! It would have been perfect.

My best friend was 1400 miles away celebrating her birthday, dancing to our favourite DJs this weekend and I was here, in front of this laptop working on my book marketing, having eaten salad and fruit all day in preparation for a salt cleanse (shankhaprakshalana) this morning. Myron was watching the football upstairs and I was desperate for something. I was homesick.

A wanted (not needed) a soother.

Years ago, that might’ve been alcohol or cheese or chocolate or ice-cream or more. And I never say never. It’s all about why we eat remember, not what or how much. But when we are in touch with the why, the what and how much are no longer an issue.

I did a little soul searching and I realised that it was a ‘Saturday night itch’ that beckoned to be scratched. I’d had enough of battling with Mercury’s challenges these last three weeks and I felt I deserved to party!

What did I do?

Well, I could’ve had a little party-for-one here. But instead I started planning a real party, a celebration for my 50th birthday in January. I started moulding my future party around who I have become. I dared to dream. Not for the hedonistic, crazed party animal that I once was. Not the rebel without a cause. But someone well-meaning. I want my 50th to be meaning-ful. A huge memory that my present-day family and friends can enjoy with me. I know I was probably feeding my planning habit, but I felt soothed at least!

It’s so damn good to dream and it’s natural!

So you see there are ways around these tense moments and it just takes a breather, before the soother, to go inside and see what is really there. Our habits, whatever they are and whatever they become, can serve and soothe us well. It’s the old ones which need recognition. Developing a practice of self-awareness and self-care expands those breather or ‘time-out ’moments and gives us a chance to think differently, so that we begin to change those habits that don’t serve us. We just need to honour our body, mind and soul with some time and effort. We have to show all of these three facets of ourselves that we are worth it and we deserve the subtle changes that make the biggest differences. And it doesn’t cost a thing!

So guess what I did this morning before dawn! yep a cleanse from top to bottom

And I’m feeling pretty good today! And a little smug too 😉

Mercury retrograde isn’t ALL bad. It IS a great time for the Self. Self-awareness, self-reflection, self-healing, self-growth and self-worth. I have scheduled to the next five Mercury retrogrades into my schedule and I shall be working their energies more efficiently in the future, that’s for sure!

Speak again soon,

Chinmayi x

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