The Healing Power of Mother Earth 

nature walks

Out On a Nature Walk

Did you ever go on nature walks when you were little?  

Your guide, teacher or parent would show you all sorts of interesting things in nature. I remember following up these amazing experiences doing projects on birds, flowers, and trees. Even as an adult I remember the names of most of the birds, trees, and flowers. 

flower petalsLooking through my teens, twenties, and thirties I feel like I lost contact with nature. Lost in the artificial world of concrete, banking, partying and material wealth I felt secure, safe but almost acrophobic at times.

Over the last 10 years, since I left my career in the banking and finance world, I feel like nature and I have once again become well acquainted. I spent two years studying how to heal with spirit as a shamanic practitioner. But quickly I realised that the spirit they talk about in the world of shamanism is nature. It is a combination of the elements. From the gross of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air to the more subtle of Space, Light, and Spirit itself. In my experience, this embodiment is yoga.  

Yoga and Nature

Yoga means unity. 

The word ‘Namaste’ recognises the divinity within everyone. 


Even Einstein recognised the energetic connection between everything.  

With this philosophy in mind, these days, I find a walk in nature so healing. Everywhere I look there are teachings, some obvious, some subtle.

Elements of Nature  

Yes, I sometimes incorporate a little ceremony into my walks. But it’s easy for anyone to appreciate the elements when out walking.  

Here are some ideas : 

Earth – the rocks, trees, and plants – their roots ground us, remind us of our access to health 

Water – the rain, clouds, and snow – cleanses our emotions, reminds us of our ability to let go 

Fire – the sun – ignites our energy, drive, and enthusiasm, reminds us of our natural personal power 

Air – the wind, our breath – opens our heart to compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness  

Space – which holds all the other elements – reminds us of our infinite capacity to heal and to expand our consciousness 

Light – the subtle yet powerful life force that makes everything grow and bloom, this is our intuition and where we find balance our higher purpose 

Spirit – seen in the resilience of nature, how it keeps going in perfect timing and harmony with everything else around it.  


WOW! All of that from a morning walk! No wonder it sets me up so perfectly for the day!  

If you would like to know more about ways that you can connect with nature, there is a huge chapter in my book called Nature Calls. 

It’s for everyone who is interested in how nature can heal and how we can do our bit for nature. This connection and interdependence are so crucial to the continuation of the human race.

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