Learning Is Eternal


When I Listened to The Learning  

For over 10 years I have been open to learning.

From the early days of yoga classes to learning how to help others, through the many methods and therapies I have studied and mastered, I have gradually come to realise that there is no destination to this path.

Learning is eternal.  And just lately I have found new courage, new ground and a new league in which to learn.  

Back in the day, I would take things slowly and very gently. I didn’t anticipate that the Universe would give me learning that was anything but gentleness, kindness and soft guidance to feeling more fulfilled, more wisdom and more peace. Progress was graceful, exquisite and steady.  

However, much of my yoga training demanded more than an asana apprenticeship.

Some very deep shifts happened.

It yoga-in-himalayastook me two years to integrate what I learned from my teacher Yogarishi Vishvketu in the Himalayas of India.

Things had changed. I’d grown and blossomed.

But in the seven weeks that I was away, pretty much everything and everyone at home was the same. To me, they seemed different. At least I was seeing life at home through different spectacles!   

The Rebound Phase

I got there, after many-a-meltdown and made it through really well.  

Perhaps not the way that everyone else on that course did. I resisted so much. Depressed and frustrated, I wanted to change the world. And when I couldn’t, my mind would say “f**k it” and find escape in drink and drugs (including antidepressants).  

But it was too late. There was no going back. The medicine of the spirit of yoga was already in my system. Much stronger than any medication I could take orally. It was going to take time although life was changing so fast. I quit my high-powered job, sold my Mercedes and eventually my house.   

Fast forward to today. It would be impossible to count all of the blessings I’ve had in my life since it totally transformed. And it has kept changing.

As a full-time student at the ‘School of Hard Knocks’, I realised that every single blow was an opportunity. A chance to rise above myself. For a while, I was too much in my own way. I’d sabotage myself at every crossroads.

dark night of the soulI would make elaborate plans to get myself back out into the ‘real’ world only to procrastinate at the first action step.   

At times this year, procrastination has nearly driven me to want to completely back-track. To go and get a ‘proper job’ and forget all this (what I have called a) self-employed crusade.

The negative self-talk has been like a dark shadow uttering words like:  

Who do I think Im am 

Im not good enough 

I keep failing 

Its too much 

Its so frustrating 

Im too old 

Its just not meant to be  

A Fresh Start

It’s a year since I walked the Camino de Santiago. This amazing experience brought me back to myself. It was almost like starting all over again. And the medicine continues.  

I came back injured in several places. Within a few days of being home, I accidentally slipped in the bath and bruised my ribs. As they healed, there was hardly a yoga pose that I could do.   

The message was clear, STOP So I did.  

It was with this final knock that I saw the opportunity.  I found new peace. A rest for my body, with time to renew my mind and find new hope and fuel for my spirit, my dreams.

peace and healing

For three days, I chanted the healing mantra 108 times. I gave myself Reiki, journaled lots and fuelled my body with healing foods and water. On the full moon, I held a ceremony and covered my body in the essential oils that it craved.

I integrated myself into the world too, catching up with loved ones, reading the news and social media.

When those strong feelings of frustration, anger, and grief crept in at the state of the world and all its cruelty, I recognised the opportunity to flex my soul’s muscles. To see the opportunity to not react and injure myself more inside. A way of finding my centre again quickly. To realise that I am no use to man or beast when we I’m mad, when I’m frustrated or when I’m depressed.  

Refuelled and Ready!

BodyMAGIC! online programs may not change the world, but they may change someone’s world  

My yoga teaching may not change someone’s life but it may improve the quality of it.  

The emails I send, may not be read by more than 30% of my database but they may help someone make a very important decision on that day.  

My work is and always will be more than good enough for someone.  

I can do it all so much better when I see the opportunity in every knock. 

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Namaste dear soul.