Seven Solutions for Sugar Supremacy

Chinmayi offers some help in dealing with what is thought of as a sugar addiction.

Is it real? Are we really addicted to sugar?

How can we stop ourselves from reaching for the sweet things, as if we’re on an autopilot?

Deidre writes:

“I try to eat as healthily as possible with porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch etc (and I am trying to become a vegan) but my main struggle is biscuits, cakes, chocolate and sweets.
Sometimes I count calories and if I feel I’ve done too many, then it’s all downhill from there.
The reason I believe I may have a physical sugar addiction is because the thought of no sugar for one day scares me and I have never been able to do it, as I just feel deprived and empty without it!

Chinmayi Replies:

My first observation from Deidre’s letter is that she uses the word “try” twice and the word ”struggle” in just one sentence. It is almost as if she is reporting to a senior and authoritative future.

A peaceful life doesn’t come from having to struggle and try so hard.

This is why I urge you to let go of the diet. It’s controlling you, not the other way round. It always will. You’ll always find yourself using the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and feel like you’re taking orders. Diets will have you feeling like a champion one day and a total failure the next.

Stop counting and measuring….please. You already know how to eat healthily!

Yes, it’s scary. But you have set up a life of struggle which needs to change now.

Your relationship with sugar is a dependent one for sure. But let’s break it down holistically:

woman licking an ice cream


 Do you have any other symptoms?

Candidiasis is a condition in the body, primarily in the gut which thrives on sugar. So your physical craving could be coming from here.
Are you using sugar as a ‘good girl’ reward for sticking to the confines of your diet? Does it feel like a rebellious, cheeky, f**k it thing to do at the time?
What other stress do you have in your life? Does sugar soothe this in any way?

Seven Solutions for Sugar Supremacy…

I really believe that whilst sugar is addictive and this addiction happens really fast, I also believe that we can let it go very quickly too. It can be freakin difficult, don’t get me wrong but you can do it! Yes, you can!

Here’s how:

Do-It-Yourself Sweetie!

1. Until the cravings subside, make your own sweet treats – cakes, biscuits or sweets, using natural ingredients. Freeze portions if you like. This will stop you eating them all in one go. Look out for cakes using ground almonds, coconut flour and eggs (or flax if vegan) instead of more carbohydrate options. Get my Brownie recipe HERE -The protein will make you feel more satisfied for much longer.

I also love – such an inspiration!


Fruit before the fall


2. Whilst you’re letting the white stuff go, always have fruit with you. Tropical fruits might just do it – mango, guava, banana etc.bowl of fruits

After a few days, reduce to less sugary fruits like strawberries, grapes, papaya, and pears. Then again to apples and berries. This is only until your cravings are manageable. Then lift any restrictive patterns altogether.There should be enthusiasm and excitement for better health, not trying and struggling through this glorious life.


Savour the Moment

3. Eat more savoury foods until you’re full. I’m not saying to eat lots of fries, cheese or bread etc.

But keep it savoury until you are really satisfied. And no counting, purrrrleeease!


Change In Scenery

4. Seriously! Go to a different petrol station, supermarket or shop. At the moment you have a habit.

I write about habits in my book and how I broke a 20+ year cigarette habit. See Chapter Ten – “Eating Habits and Addictions.” – I think you’ll find it interesting.


Change your Mindset

5.  Get comfortable, lying down with your eyes closed. Visualise the routines you have of going to the places where you would normally grab sweet things. At the point of taking them, take a deep breath.
What do you feel?
Can you tell why these feelings are there? It can uncover some surprises from your unconscious mind. This might take a bit of practice. Make it fun, Be curious. Don’t give up.
Then, in your vision, as you approach the stand, take another deep breath and visualise yourself walking away without them. Notice how you feel. If you still feel anxiety or unsettled, keep practising. This is magic!


Get Sugar Savvy

6. Check out the whole of Chapter 18 in my book – The Seven Seldom Sins – where I offer some sweet facts and alternatives, like stevia. Don’t use sweeteners. Not ever. They will make you want more. Aspartame makes you fat, proven! Use honey if you like it, but please don’t cook with it. Wait until drinks are below boiling before adding honey. A little, quality maple syrup is also a good fix when trying to come off sugar.

The world is slowly being educated about the health implications of too much sugar. I did a little research myself when I write my book. Here’s a FREE excerpt from BodyMAGIC! about sugar…


Meditation is MAGIC!

7. Meditation is food for your soul. If you’re a beginner, start with just 10 minutes of meditation. Make it as important for your life as brushing your teeth is for your hygiene.

Your relationship with food really is all in your mind. No diet can help you with this. Meditation can!

If you would like to know more about meditation and get help learning the traditional way, have a look at details of MeditationMAGIC! – my 12-week online programme.


a woman meditating by the river

Unless your sugar habit is particularly well-ingrained, you may find that just one of these solutions is enough. Please understand that the object of BodyMAGIC! is to know yourself so well that you can change these habits at the moment of craving. Part of the process is understanding why you need the comfort offered by sugar in the first place. Give yourself the chance to go deeper. It really does change your whole perspective on life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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