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I’m just back from a 5-day Women’s Healing Retreat in the UK.
This was the first time I’ve run a retreat like this.
It was nothing short of a wonderful experience for me, and from the feedback I’ve had so far, life-changing Ifor some.
I don’t believe in coincidences, so there was a reason why nearly all of us have or have had issues around food and balancing our emotions in a helpful and healthful way.
Most of our guests have reached periods of despair with emotional eating. Trying one diet after another, with only short term success.
This retreat helped them to find out why they eat emotionally so that they can heal their challenges and find peace – with themselves, in their relationships and with their world.
One of our guests, who has worked with me one-to-one in the past made a very special comment about the food that we enjoyed that week.
“When I was making food today, I remembered that I ate lots over the retreat yet felt lighter for it. The theory came to me that by putting good food in my system it was the equivalent of love. It is perhaps a way of respecting and loving your body. I am sure this must be in your book somewhere. When I came to the conclusion that at other times when we eat ‘badly’ we are not actually feeding ourselves, we are starving ourselves of love.”
She’s absolutely right. And it gives added value to the Keys To BodyMAGIC!:
Know Yourself
Know Your Worth
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