“I Surrender”


One of my amazing yoga teachers Dr Kumar talks about three steps to yoga. He doesn’t mean the practices of yoga. In this context, he means a feeling of enlightenment, bliss or at least a feeling of inner peace. The first step is surrender.

Surrender What You Know

It’s the Yoga of Devotion, often called Bhakti Yoga. The yogis do this by devotional prayer, mantras, chanting or the honouring of archetypes. Even if you are not religious, devotional practice is possible. On the path to BodyMAGIC! it can simply be honouring yourself, your needs, desires and soul in a more profound way.

This isn’t loving yourself in an egotistical way. On the contrary. It’s where we let go of the ego.

We might have experienced this as a child, worshipping a pop star or other icon to which we would happily fall at the feet of!

As we get older the ego, through the learning of fear, rarely allows us to surrender.

Through surrender, we open ourselves up to the whole practice and its benefits through letting go of judgement, expectation, and satisfaction.

This post is not about yoga. However, I can see some beautiful parallels between yoga and the BodyMAGIC! journey.

Reaching Rock Bottom

Some of you have spoken to me about your addictions – to food, chocolate, even dieting itself. It is well-known that often, to overcome an addiction, we have to have tried everything, to have hit ‘rock bottom’ or be in a place of utter despair, before we can start to recover and to heal. This is the equivalent of the surrender which I describe.

Most of my clients are at their wit’s end when they come to me. They’ve tried every diet in the world. The misery of yo-yo dieting, bingeing and emotional eating has them in a state of shame, guilt and general suffering.

I listen to and read conversations between dieters every day on social media.
I’ve learned that until they are ready to hear the truth about dieting, they will resist, reject even resent what I have to say. They see dieting as the only way to get results. The quicker the better.

binge eating recovery

Like get-rich-quick schemes, they want to jump on anything that promises the quickest weight loss in the least amount of time.

This is the beginning of a downward spiral to eventually feeling powerless around food. But they have no idea why.

It’s often only when they’ve tried everything and feel totally miserable that they can hear my whisperings of hope.

This is the time for surrender.

We have a dim view of surrender in the West. We hate the thought of letting go, being vulnerable and recognising that we are powerless over anything. The ego holds tight to any control that it can.

And boy that’s hard work!

Just before that moment of surrender are despair, pain, and suffering.

But when we are ready, really willing to look at the real reasons for our emotional or binge eating, we feel a huge sense of relief.

The BodyMAGIC! Way

I hear from clients that after reading just one or two chapters from my book, they cry for the first time in years. They realise so much about themselves, that they have denied for so long. They are surrendering to their true feelings. Finding out who they really are and finding peace and being OK with it.

Then falling in love with themselves. This evolves into optimum health, deep healing and lasting happiness.

I’d love to hear from you about how BodyMAGIC! is helping you to let go of all the stuff that doesn’t make you smile. Please leave your comments below. Or get in touch with your questions, via the Contact link HERE.

I know that the trend towards looking within oneself for the answers is still labelled as a bit woo-woo.

But things are changing.

My dream is that BodyMAGIC! or it’s equivalent will one day be a pretty cool and groovy way of looking at oneself.

So glad that you’re part of the journey now!

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PS – Just in case you wanted to know a bit more about the yoga thing…

The second is ACTION or Karma Yoga
The third is MEDITATION or Jnana Yoga

I shall write about how these relate to the BodyMAGIC! journey soon.