This is the week where we have been focusing on the theme:

“Don’t do it! Don’t diet!”


One of the reasons why diets don’t work in 95% of cases, especially if you have a history of emotional eating, is because of chemistry. When you restrict your food, your body believes that you’re in a famine situation.

When our ancient, ancestral brain, your old brain believes that food supplies have come down and can’t see what you can see. It can’t see that you’ve got supplies of food in the local supermarket. Then it slows everything down in your body because it wants you to survive.


This is your unconscious mind. It’s kicking in your instincts to say “I’m not getting a regular food intake at the moment so I’m going to slow everything down for you, to help you survive”.


How hormones affect your weight loss

Your body also produces stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Cortisol is the dieter’s worst nightmare. Cortisol sends a loud signal down to your middle, your waistline and says “We need to add layers and layers of fat around your organs to protect you so that you can continue to survive because food supplies are scarce”. Your survival instincts are kicking in.

Even worse, your metabolism slows down when you’re in this response to keep a supply of necessary nutrients feeding your organs especially your brain. So it sucks on two massive levels.

Therefore, the most ecstatic way to weight loss is to get yourself happy.  The challenge for us is that we associate food with happiness, either overeating or type of food. Your challenge to avoid a diet and to lose weight anyway is to find ways of being happy most of the time, that don’t involve food.

Easy weight loss formula

I don’t know your life and tastes but you can make this concept personal to you. Make a list of a minimum of seven things you can do that don’t involve food but bring you joy. It might be playing a song in your headphones or listening to a motivational podcast or a radio show.

It will be something that really does lift your spirits, so you just really want to leap around the room and wave your arms in the air and lift your vibration.

Think of other ways you can do, these maybe making a pot of tea or your favorite coffee. Walking the dog out in nature or maybe fussing your cat.

Think about it…

There are lots of things that we can do that don’t take a lot of money, energy, time or effort. We are training the sub-conscious mind to automatically think of ways to happiness – making yourself feel that little bit of ecstasy.  This has the opposite effect on your metabolism. It starts to speed up because you’re happy, your mind is happy.  There’s no panic and there’s no stress, no fight or flight response and there’s no fear.

Then you start producing oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. All of a sudden, your body’s organs go into this wonderful, ecstatic, blissful flow and that’s when the magic starts to happen.

It sounds really real simple and easy, and it really is!

As I’ve started to infer, there are lots of ways that BodyMAGIC! can help you.

But for right now, I’m sharing some ideas on WHY it works and why I would love it if you decided to say goodbye to the diets and find another healthier and more effective way.

You wouldn’t be here if diets worked for you or if you weren’t having some issues around food.

Let’s do this together! There are lots of things happening this year to support you on all different levels.

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  Also look out for the Binge and Emotional Eating Podcast coming soon!

Also look out for the Binge and Emotional Eating Podcast coming soon!


These developments are the result of feedback and the voice of 1000’s of followers, readers and clients who have been touched, helped and supported by the BodyMAGIC! mission.



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