One thing that I have carried with me since my shamanic healer studies, every single day, is going with nature’s flow.

Letting it be.

Trusting in the Universe.

Allowing the angels to step in or whatever your beliefs may be. 

Honouring the daylight, the night time, the seasons and the Moon.

It really is magical when we stop fighting the flow. 

The Capricorn in me still has big vision, wants to plan, organise and take action, especially in the new year. But Im learning when to take a step aside and let the flow of the Universe take over.

Its a huge deal for me.

The fear program of wanting to control everything still sends me into a blind panic more often than I would like it to. This is my journey. 

The MAGIC of Imbolc

I had to write this post today because its a very special time. Today we have a Blue Moon – called so because of its rarity of having a second full moon in the calendar month.

Its also a Super Moon, being relatively and unusually very close to the Earth. 

And tomorrow is Imbolc – an ancient festival marking the end of the resting period of winter and the beginning of the super high-energy vibration of spring. There may still be frost on the ground in the mornings, even a snowfall but nature knows. Bulbs are sprouting everywhere, blossom is showing on the trees and the days are gradually getting longer.  


Ceremonies vary across traditions

But in the Andean tradition, this is the season of East, the rising sun, the element of fire, the big inhale.  

Think about it!

Everything is rising:    

flowers to the sky

animals being born 

number of daylight hours 

the strength of the sun 

even our energy levels 


We too can have fire in our belly!

This increase in energy gives us new hope, banishes fear and replaces it with confidence, greater self-esteem, and personal power.  

What an awesome season! 

Spring is the reason….  

To spring into (joyful) action 

To spring clean physically, mentally and spiritually. 


How you can align with Imbolc

(and connect with the awesome power of nature at this time).  


I wanted to share my ideas for practices to celebrate this amazing time. Here are some ways that you can use all of the elements to spring-cleanse your body, mind, and soul.  

Now is also the time to build or cleanse and rebuild your altar.

Find a space which you can call your own and if possible, build your altar on the East side of this space.

Earth – cleanse and recharge your crystals – bathe them in the river, the rain or the sea and charge them in the spring sunshine. Put them in the South of your altar. Use them to help you feel grounded and to rest if you feel a little flighty at this time.

Idea – Make elixirs to help with emotions or winter’s lingering lurgies.  

Water – now is the time to start a daily water increase. Water is often the forgotten cleanser during winter. Mix up your suppliers. If you’re buying, go for low mineral content. Filter everything else if you can or visit a local spring if you have one.

Idea – Gather a shell, some holy water or flower remedy and place it in the West of your altar.  

Fire – Get out and move! Build your fire. Run, walk, cycle (feel the fire in your belly, your lungs and your legs). Hold your yoga poses for longer than normal. Good ones for fire-starting – Boat, Plank, Strong Warrior, Bow. Roll up your sleeves and turn your face to the sun. Top up your Vitamin D stores.

You’ll be jumping around like a gecko!

Idea – Place a naturally-scented candle in the East of your altar.  

 Air – Don’t forget the power of the breath (air) for starting fires – Ujjayi, Bhastrika and Kapalbhati pranayama come from traditional yoga.

Or just focus on your inhale.

It has the power to transform your energy in an instant! Get out more in the sunshine and breathe in the scent and the powerful life force of the flowers at this time. At no other time of the year does nature grow some fast.

Idea – Find a feather and place it in the North of your altar.  

Spring cleanse your system! 

Now is the time to try new ways of cleansing.

Im absolutely and totally against diets as you know.

But you can easily cut out sugar and replace it with fresh fruit. Make a homemade lemon and ginger tea the detox start to your day. These also build fire, aid digestion and ensure your immunity. Add lemon and ginger to your water bottle.

Drink smoothies or juice before solid food each day. 


Try to get as much fresh and raw with your food as possible. If you still need warming, go for leafy soups and casseroles. Explore a subtle and gradual shift from grounding winter root vegetables to all manner of greens. Spring greens are called so for a reason! 


I have a salt cleanse practice which Im doing for myself this week called Shankhaprakshalana. Please read more about this HERE. If you are interested in this practice, please contact me directly HERE.


In all my 52 years, Ive never known such a profound practice for cleansing the body, mind and soul on such a deep level. Its a total reset in so many ways. Im trained to guide you through it from beginning to end (literally!). I’m able to offer this in a private retreat setting, either in the UK or in Spain.


Spring clean your house 

 Wash curtains, clean windows and shake the dust out of your rugs. Let the light and spring energy into your home whenever you can. Open windows for the sunniest hour of the day. Pick some wild flowers for your living space.

Watch as many sunrises as you can.  


Spring Clean Your Work

On your computer, clear your desktop, your files and folders, your photos, videos and social media. Check your social media privacy settings are what you want them to be. Unfollow those who dampen your energy. This is the time to burn remember.  

All of this new space will allow the Universe to fill your life with the abundance that you really desire whether its money, time, energy or even your attitude.

As always, I love to hear from you. Please contact me HERE with any questions you have. If you have learned from this blog or enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below. Thank YOU!