When Your Words Matter

“Losing Weight!”

“Fighting the Flab!”

If you have any interest in the Law of Attraction or have read anything about affirmations, you’ll know that we have to be mindful of the words we say to ourselves.


If you’re a part of this tribe, have read my book, have listened to any of my recordings, watched any videos or have been to any of my classes, you’ll realize that I don’t just work with you on the physical level.

Even though you probably came to me desperate that you’ve been unable to lose weight, stay slim or keep a healthy relationship with food, you’ll know that there’s far more to you than you’ve been led to believe.


Truth About Diets

The diet industry wants you to believe that the only way to lose weight is to go on a diet. But if you eat emotionally and you practice nothing to heal those emotions, the weight will return. And often more than you lost before. Research has proved it.

emotional eating

Dieting is a physical action.

It has nothing to do with the mind.

Apart from messing with it.



Your mind wants you to be happy. So the minute you’re unhappy at having to eat rice cakes instead of your favourite crusty loaf, the diet is on its way to failure.

Not because of the rice cakes, but because you’re trying to lose weight.

You have told yourself (and probably everyone around you) that you’re trying to lose weight, fighting the flab, on a diet etc.

Forgetting the other scientific reasons why physically and mentally, diets don’t work, I’d like to give you some metaphysical reasons. Some would call them spiritual reasons and so will I.


Your Mind Has A Role To Play

You see my dear friend, there is an all-caring Universe, God, Allah, Rama, Shiva, Great Spirit, Higher Power (whatever you call it) all around you which only has your best interests at heart.

It talks to your unconscious mind (which is there to keep you safe) all the time.

It listens attentively to everything you say and everything you think.

It is all-seeing, all-loving and all-knowing.

You can’t hide.

So no wonder you feel powerless!

You then might affirm your powerlessness by using words like:

“Fighting the Fat”

“Losing Weight”

“Battling the Bulge”

“Tackling the Weight”


“Shedding the Pounds”

“Burning the Calories”

“Cutting out the Crap”

“Careful with what I’m eating”

“Avoiding carbs, fats etc.”


Worse still, I hear this regularly (and I’ve said most of it myself)

“I’d give my left arm to be thin”

“All I care about is losing weight”

“I’d die to be xx pounds again”

“I’d rather die than put that weight back on”

“I’ll kill myself if I don’t get into that dress”

“I’ll starve myself before I have to buy a bigger size”

It may seem a bit woo-woo, but what if these words were the ones which are holding you back from your best life of happiness?

What message are you sending to the Universe and your beautiful, brilliant mind about life and how difficult this life is?


Spread The Message

How might that message differ if you used words like:

“Health is a priority for me”healthy-lifestyle

“Healing is coming as I work on myself and take time for my self-care”

“Happiness comes from love, for myself first so I can share it with others”

“Joy is what life is about”

“Peace on the inside will give me the life I deserve”

“Love is all I need”

“Friendship with food is the most important aspect of my healing”

“Nutritious food gives me health so I can live a life of freedom and purpose”

“Mindful actions around food make life easy – buying, preparing, cooking and eating it is a great experience for me”

“Abundance is all around me. I’m so lucky to have the choice of nutritious food that fuels and heals my body, mind, and soul.”

Take back your power, listen to the words you say to yourself and about yourself to others. You are loving and lovable, considering and sensitive, an awesome human being.


I write a lot about how to be more healthy in the physical sense. As dieters, we have become very good at watching what we eat. I invite you to watch the words you say and think about yourself today.

Please leave a comment about some of the words you have used about yourself which may not have helped you on your journey to health in the past.

Let’s share this stuff!

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